The New Orleans Charter Restart Model

The CRM Schools

Twenty-one schools operated by 17 CMOs participated in this evaluation. Schools were opened in cohorts, year over year, throughout the course of the evaluation. While the preponderance of this evaluation focuses upon the CRM schools in aggregate, by state, or by intervention model, we present here information about each individual school.

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The CRM Schools
Cohort 4 - Opened 2014-2015
Cohort 3 - Opened 2014-2015
Cohort 5 - Opened 2015-2016
Cohort 4 - Opened 2015-2016
  • These schools are not included in the CRM evaluation
  • Green Dot Wooddale Middle School
  • LEAD Neely's Bend
  • Libertas School of Memphis
  • Memphis Scholars - Florida-Kansas Academy