The New Orleans Charter Restart Model
Theory of Action

How does the CRM attempt to meet its goal of universal high quality public education? The CRM's Theory of Action predicts that investment in high performing operators will result in more successful turnarounds of failing schools. Watch this video for an explanation of the CRM Theory of Action.

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The New Orleans Context

What led to the development and installation of the CRM in New Orleans?

Public education in New Orleans has a long and storied history. Learn more about the historical forces, local context, and precipitating events that led to the development and installation of the Charter Restart Model.

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Scaling the CRM in Tennessee

How was the CRM transported from New Orleans to Nashville and Memphis?

The CRM started in New Orleans but was designed to work in any place with an RSD-like mechanism for school turnaround. Learn more about the context and connections between Louisiana and Tennessee that led to Scaling the Charter Restart Model from New Orleans to Memphis and Nashville.